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Calpol tracker for children


I designed this app when my two children were ill and i lost count of how many times in 24 hours theyd had calpol and ibuprofen.This app has an easy to use interface. The childs name appears on the main screen and underneath it tells you whether or not they can be given calpol.Pressing the text logs it as being taken, holding the text will show the log for the last 3 days.If the text turns yellow and shows a time it means calpol has been taken in the last four hours and shows the next time it can be taken, if the text turns red it means calpol has been taken four times in twenty four hours - three times for ibuprofen - and shows the next time it is safe to give it.
This app is intended as a tracker and is not a replacement for common sense.Ive been using it myself for the last week with no problems, if you do encounter any problems please email me.
This app currently only has support for two children. I will add support for more if it is needed.